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I'm working on my summer reading list right now.
currently I've got

A Feast For Crows - GRR Martin
A Dance with Dragons - GRR Martin
Complete Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Henry IV parts 1 and 2 - William Shakespeare
Henry V - William Shakespeare (these 2 are in preparation for the new BBC adaptations which I'm very excited for! I love the Kenneth Branagh version of Henry V so I have high expectations, but Hiddles is amazing.)
Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare
The Tempest - William Shakespeare
Thursday Next / Nursery Crime series - Jasper Fforde (re-reading)
Hitchhiker series - Douglas Adams (re-reading)
American Gods - Neil Gaiman

I'm thinking I need some challenging books as well as some light reading. Trying to decide if there are some non fiction books I should add. I'm branching out with the Shakespeare - the only experience I have of reading plays was for school.

I can't afford to spend money so I'm confined to reading books I (or my family) already own, ebooks and library books.

Thinking this summer will be good for me - I'll hopefully get a job (yay money), get back into volunteering if I can, reading as much as I can, spending as little money as possible, being more active, building up my musical collection.

I just want to be happy. and to ignore the Olympics. /what is subtlety?
"You light up the room, the whole fucking sky"

The first word that springs to mind when listening to the album is honesty. These songs are written by Bennett, and he expresses them perfectly. There's certainly no auto-tuning to be found on this album. Simple arrangements allow the listener to focus on the lyrics and appreciate the messages that are conveyed.
I first heard Bennett sing in the Broadway musical American Idiot. While he was good, there was nothing to seperate him from the rest of the cast. However, being English myself, when I found out Bennett was English, I simply had to listen to his solo music. Many Broadway artists release albums - some are very different from the material the artist performs on stage (Tony Vincent), whereas others are perhaps a little too similar.In Bennett's case, he has taken an entirely different approach - there are no shadows of Rent (his Broadway debut), or Taboo (in which he starred in the West End with Boy George).
The stand out songs on this album are Limelight, from which the quote at the beginning of this article is taken; Zs & Qs; and Storm. All three have very different feels, but the lyrics are so poignant that there is no way they could not have been written by the same person. Bennett seems to have a knack for writing songs which are both catchy and meaningful. One song that grew on me while listening to the album was Wonderwoman. The tune is simple, and initially I disregarded the song as being about a superhero (which it absolutely isn't), but repeated listens really do demonstrate the wonderful ability Bennett has of writing songs that you can relate to.
Some listeners may be off-put by the multitudes of swear words, and yes, there are many. However, this album feels so honest - Bennett is just singing as himself - that is retracts nothing from the album. Bennett's not swearing to be cool or edgy, just sincere. This album lets the listener in on Bennett's innermost thoughts and feelings, and many lyrics demonstrate Bennett's lack of self confidence"This chaos is desperate and I'm not gonna cope" . Hopefully he can develop some, as this album is certainly something to be confident about. It may not be at number 1, but it touches the people who listen to it in a way that Do It Like A Dude simply can't.
Bennett is currently recording a new album, called Record:Breakup, the progress of which can be followed at declanbennettsvideodiary.tumblr.com
I for one believe we can expect great things!




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